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Rediscover the timeless art of shaving.

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providing classic shaving to the modern man

Fusing together old-school and new-school grooming techniques to the modern man. Tap into the ancestral grooming rituals of the past to look, feel, and be your best with The Artisan’s Republic.

See our premium selection of shaving creams, alum blocks, and after-shaves to achieve that retro shaving experience.

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artisan Shaving cream and after shaves

Artisan Shaving Cream

old-school shaving with new-school methods

An Artisanal Shaving Cream that doesn’t just help with shaving but makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Handmade from natural, high-quality materials, our artisan shaving creams is everything you could ever want and more in one simple product.

Rome Shaving Cream the artisan republic

Rome Shaving Cream
★★★★★ (10)

Paris Shaving Cream the artisan republic

Paris Shaving Cream
★★★★★ (15)

Peppermint Shaving Cream The Artisans Republic

Peppermint Shaving Cream
★★★★★ (22)

Lavender Shaving Cream The Artisans Republic

Lavender Shaving Cream
★★★★★ (21)

self-care grooming

rediscover straight razor shaving

The Shave


the prep work

Your journey into the world of classic shaving starts here. Start by adding The Artisan’s Republic shaving cream into your lather bowl or shaving bowl.

Lathering Up


the mixing & lathering

Mix and lather your shaving cream with water and use the shaving brush to create a refreshing and aromatic blend of shaving cream.

The Beginning


the shave

Once the lather is ready, apply some of the mix around your face. Now, it’s time to discover the timeless art of shaving. Gently glide the straight razor as you shave.

The Finishing Touch


the finishing touch

Add the finishing touch to your vintage shaving ritual with the Artisan’s Republic aftershave. Feel rejuvenated and refreshed with this savory and aromatic aftershave.

Elevate Your Grooming


the aftercare routine

Stay ahead of the game by maintaining your straight razor, lather bowl, and shaving brush. Always make sure your next shave is flawless with the right aftercare routine.


reinventing classic shaving

It’s time for you to rediscover your identity and the way you get ready. Every ingredient and material we use in our line of men’s shaving products tells a story in your shaving ritual. Let us help your transformation!

Worldclass Aftershave

embrace transformation with artisan aftershave

Our collection of artisan aftershave is handmade and crafted to perfection. Blended from natural and refreshing ingredients to rehydrate, refresh, and recharge your skin. Wear this as a natural cologne or use it as the finishing touch to your shaving ritual.

Vegas After Shave

Vegas After Shave
★★★★★ (10)
$59.90 $39.90

Rome After Shave by Artisans Republic

Rome After Shave
★★★★★ (10)
$59.90 $39.90

Paris After Shave by Artisans Republic

Paris After Shave
★★★★★ (10)
$59.90 $39.90

Bay Rum After Shave - Artisans Republic

Bay Rum After Shave
★★★★★ (10)
$59.90 $39.90

Man Grooming shaving Ideas

Revolutionizing Style

man up your grooming

Immerse yourself into the world of classic shaving. The Artisan’s Republic hand makes every aftershave, shaving cream, and alum block to give you the best shaving experience inspired from the past.

Shop our premium selection of men’s shaving products to man up your selfcare routine and reinvent the way you get ready!

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