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The Artisan’s Republic Shaving Company

Located in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada, The Artisan’s Republic is the completion of lifetime work.

In 1998, I was a young guy just out of high school, deciding what to do with my life. I knew I had a passion for history and knowledge. The kind of person who is always asking “how things work” and then designing the way to make a living out of it, I refused to get into the traditional way of living, college, getting married, stable job, and I think you know the rest…

The artisan republic - Las Vegas Skyline

I moved to Israel to live in a kibbutz to find the roots of what it is to build a life from the ground up, close to ancient history, Artisan origins, etc. 

I mostly made my daily income from playing guitar in the streets of Jerusalem, and obviously, one of my needs was to shave. So I got my first straight razor, trying to save every penny (or shekel) I could. After slicing my face a couple of dozens of times, I finally mastered it, and I fell in love with it.

After a short time, life and my father took me back to the “real” world and after finishing college took a job in a multinational corporation where in no time, I had great success, a great position, and life pretty much set.

If it were not for meeting the love of my life, my wife, whom I have dragged all over the world chasing my dreams and supporting me in every single endeavor, I would most likely be in the corporate world. 

That’s why in 2009, I decided to leave everything behind and dedicate my life and soul to what I love.

I started creating products, formulas, and brands that were successful worldwide and made a living. Then in 2014, my life changed forever. For the first time in my life, I had my daughter in my arms, and I knew I was complete (I love you, baby), and then my life changed again.

After several life-threatening experiences, we knew we had to leave, and after being blessed with my beautiful son, we left everything behind and moved to the States.

So here we were in 2018, and back to basics. We managed to save some money to open our barber supplies store in Las Vegas and again follow our dreams.

We have been working for the past couple of years developing The Artisan’s Republic. The utopian world where arts, crafts, and imagination creates not only exceptional products but allows you to share the history behind them. Every product, every collection, is the reflection of our memories, our stories, and our dreams.

I genuinely hope that, just as we enjoyed crafting these products, you will enjoy them.

Jacob Axelrod artisan shaving creams

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