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How to shave correctly | The Ultimate Guide for Accident Free Shave.

best shaving guide and shaving chart for beginners.

Shaving Chart | Hair Growth and Razor Use | Shaving Map For Beginners

How to shave correctly, a question for the ages and certainly a challenge for any men specially if using a straight razor or a safety razor.

 Let’s start by explaining that every skin and beard is different, and shaving is a technique to master not only to achieve the perfect smooth shave, but to maintain a health skins as well. Every time we shave, we are damaging the top layer of the skin so there are RULES to follow to minimize unnecessary damage.

 The artisan’s Republic calls this method the “FLB” method, which stands for


 You must rely in these key factors to achieve this method: 

A Sharp Deep Blade

Common shaving blade cartridges even with 5,6 or more blades will always clog fast due their size, most likely if you are a user of these ones, you notice that is required several passes to get rid of the beard, damaging your skin with every single pass.

 Deep blades or double edge blades are much sharper and deep than cartridges which leads to fewer passes to get the job done saving your and you skin unnecessary damage.

A good shaving soap or shaving cream

This might seem like an obvious statement but, a good shaving cream is not the one that makes only a good compact lather and have a pleasant scent, maybe the most important factors of any Shaving Soap are their slickness and the protection they offer while gliding the blade against the skin.

PRO SHAVING TIP: lather you shaving cream or soap in your hand, once done rub it with one or two of your fingers, does it hold? If you have a layer after doing this, you are using a quality product that protects your skin.

 The Artisan’s Republic Shaving Creams are design to provide superb protection and slickness to achieve a super close shave.

By using a quality Shaving Cream or Soap you will immediately get less irritation, razor burn and razor bump, Guaranteed!

Know Your Beard Growth

Look at the following chart, this Is an example of a beard growth pattern.

Beard Grow Chart

Now Shave always the first pass with the grain or direction of the beard growth (Blue arrows). Just after going over the first step apply a new layer of Artisan Shaving Cream or Soap onto the face and now go for a second pass against the grain or direction of the beard growth.


The best shaving chart guide with pictures

If necessary, you can always do a third pass but is rarely necessary.


rinse you face with cold water after shaving

Rinse your face with cold water to close the pores and use an alum block, avoid alcohol-based aftershaves, this will only irritate and dry the skin.

Enjoy your perfect shave

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